Running Pains…

So my swimming is getting better, but I am still finding it difficult to master the breathing. Any tips you guys have, throw them at me 😀 any and all welcome!

My running (which is by far my strongest of the 3 disciplines) has taken a bit of a hit this week, which is super frustrating 😦 I am desperate to get out for a run, but since my 10k last weekend I have been suffering with knee pain in my right knee :/ so James (james_lambert_pt) has advised me not to run for the time being, and make my cardio up on the rowing machine, swimming, or bike. So, I am being good and taking his advice.

The Leicester Half is coming up in a little over 4 weeks, so resting the knee seems sensible as I know my CV fitness is already where it needs to be – again, anyone out there who suffers from knee pain after running, let me know if you have any hints or tips for avoiding it in the future – I run in Adidas Ultra Boost, maybe a new running trainer would help?

Anyways, I took yesterday as a complete rest day as I was feeling a bit depleted. I got the foam rollers out and had a good stretch. I have never known pain like it! If you know, then you know! haha, and I suspect any runners / triathletes reading this will know that pain for sure!

I have spent years neglecting my stretching and not taking care of my muscles – I am paying the price now, but hopefully nothing getting disciplined with post training care can’t fix… I suspect my years of neglect have contributed to my knee pain. Hopefully keeping up the stretching and rolling will help that too.

I am back in the gym tonight for some weight training and a cardio blast on the rower, then swimming in the morning and out on the bike Sunday – but hopefully I can get to running soon…


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2 thoughts on “Running Pains…

  1. I sympathise. As a poor swimmer, I find it a hard exercise which puts me really out of breath. Spending much of the time with my mouth and nose under water just makes breathing even more difficult! As I’ve slowly improved (a little) the breathing is a bit more under control. It is a bit easier if I remember to breath out under water so that once the mouth surfaces it only has to gulp air in!

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