Head Winds and Hill Climbs…

I had my 8 week check in with @James_Lambert_PT this morning and I am delighted to say I have achieved a personal training milestone. A body fat percentage of 9.6% πŸ˜€ I was aiming for 10%, so super pleased with 9.6 – I am also super pleased that I can start to take myself out of a calorie deficit now and start upping my daily calories to give me more energy for my increasing triathlon cardio work.

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I am still not running at the moment as my knee pain is still flaring up from time to time, which is really frustrating me, I love running! The Leicester Half is getting closer, and it is looking unlikely that I will be able to get much running in before the race if my knee is going to be OK on the day. I still want a PB on that run, so would rather my knee was 100% which means the running lay off will continue this week 😦

James has shifted my training slightly now to focus on strengthening my core and supporting leg muscles which should help in all 3 triathlon disciplines, and hopefully will help take pressure of my knee when I do get back to running. My hip-flexers have always been a weakness, so one of the exercises we did today was seated leg raises – Sit flat on the floor with a straight back (use your arms to lean on for support if you need to, I did!) then raise each leg in turn straight off the floor and hold for a few seconds. If like me, you need to increase strength and stability of the hip-flexers this is a great exercise to build in to your workouts, or tag on to your stretching routine.

Despite not being able to run, I did mange to swim Saturday morning, it felt like I had made more improvements but it was still a bit of a struggle. I have my 4th swimming lesson this afternoon, and feeling like I am making some steady progress with my breathing now, which is really great! Massive improvements from 4 weeks ago.

I also got out on the bike on Sunday morning. I met up with some friends and put in a 33 mile stint through the lovely lanes of Leicestershire. There seemed to be a constant headwind no matter which way we faced and what felt like hill climb after hill climb! But it was a good solid ride with a few nice sprint sections to test the legs. Overall, a solid weekend of training coupled with a nice day out in London with friends and a naughty pancake brunch date with my beautiful lady πŸ™‚

Apart from my knee, training is good and life is good πŸ™‚ Long may it continue!


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