Winning the First Hour…

Today’s update comes all the way from the (not so) sunny, Edinburgh! Beautiful city, but currently bracing for strong winds and a heavy downpour, but compared to the devastating storms effecting other areas of the world right now, I certainly shouldn’t complain. I come to Edinburgh around once a month for work and always enjoy my stay 🙂 I managed to snap this picture of Edinburgh Castle as a walked between meetings…


Anyways….back to the training… I attempted a run on last Friday morning, with mixed success – I took it steady but still ran a reasonable pace. I felt confident that my knee pain was something I could put behind me… until I woke up Saturday morning 😦 the pain was back, and possibly slightly worse… so running is now completely out of my training schedule for the time being. The next time I run will be the Half Marathon, October 14th… here’s hoping the knee recovers in time and holds up for the race.

The rest of the weekends training was great though, I got out and did 20 miles on the bike first thing Saturday which was really enjoyable – just me, my bike and the road. Great head-space time which set me up well for the day. I heard a good quote recently (I can’t remember the source)…

“if you win the first hour of the day, you win the day”

… I think this is a great mantra. If your day starts with discipline, positiveness and a little adversity to overcome in the form of a hard work out, I think that sets in motion all of the momentum you need for a great day. I am a better person when I win that first hour of the day than I am when I don’t. No doubt.

Sunday was also a day that I won. I met up with my brother (Ben) for a swim. Ben is also thinking about setting his sights on triathlon, which is awesome! It would be great to train and accomplish this goal together. We have always trained together throughout our lives in various forms from weight training, to kickboxing & MMA – Ben was even in my corner when I stepped into the cage for an amateur K1 kickboxing bout back in February this year. I love these pictures as you can see Ben walking to the ring with me, and then clinging to the cage between my opponent and I, feeling every blow and throwing every strike. Great to have him there that day, and would be a privilege to compete triathlon with him too!

The rest of this week has been good so far too, lots of training – mostly circuits, rowing machine and mobility work.

I also accomplished a personal milestone in the pool – a 400m swim. I know it doesn’t sound much, but to me it is the first big step on the road to completing my first Triathlon as it is the distance of the swim to start the sprint event. I had to stop between each length to catch my breath, which isn’t ideal. But it is a start 🙂

Tomorrow I have an active morning planned with my friend Sam (insta – @samevans30). We are meeting at 7am for a swim, then refueling and heading out on the bikes. The weather is set to be very windy and wet, so likely to be my toughest ride yet! Despite that, I am really looking forward to another great weekend of training. But also, some time with the family.

Hope you all have a great weekend too, catch you on the other side 🙂


insta: @lukes_triing_times

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