Hard Work Pays Off…

Today my work has brought me back in to London, so I am writing this post whilst sitting waiting for my train back to Leicester. It’s given me some time to reflect on my training progress so far…

Before heading to London I had my 5th swimming lesson since starting on my triathlon journey. As I have said repeatedly in my updates so far, swimming is the biggest challenge and by far the weakest of the 3 disciplines for me. Over the weekend, I swam on both Saturday and Sunday – I finally felt like I was getting on top of my breathing, so I was really looking forward to my swimming lesson today… I am pleased to report that my excitement was well placed! Everything just ‘clicked’. I was on top of my breathing and felt super comfortable in the water, importantly I was also noticeably much less out of breath at the end of each length. A real step forward!

I took this celebratory selfie in recognition of my small victory 😀


A real contrast from this selfie I took a few weeks back after an earlier swimming session..IMG_3344[1]

If pictures say a thousand words, then combined these two could write Novella of triumph over struggle 😀

I have planned another swim in the morning, so will be hoping to keep this momentum going.

I spoke to a friend (friend of a friend really, but he is a great guy!) who competes in triathlon and has recently completed his second Ironman – in a sub 12 hour time too I might add – and he gave me some tips, including investing in a pull buoy which I now have.

I think that one piece of advice alone has been the catalyst to jumping me forward in my swimming progress as it has allowed me to isolate my stroke technique and focus on my breathing – My swim instructor gave me some exercises to practice using the buoy to help make the most of my reach (I am 6.4″ so should have a real advantage in the swim if I make the reach work for me!) which I am going to build into my future swim sessions.

I am delighted with my progress in such a short time. All of a sudden, my goal seems attainable and swimming could actually turn from something I fear to something I genuinely enjoy.

Hard work is really paying off 😀


insta: lukes_triing_times


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