12 Week Transformation…

I had planned my next blog in my head which was going to be; ‘Listen To Your Body’, as a result a particularly tough weekend of feeling drained – a topic I am going to return to later in this post – however, following my 12 week check-in with @James_Lambert_PT this morning I had to change things up as it really made me reflect on the past 12 weeks and how far I have come.

As per my usual check-in sessions, James took my measurements and calculated my body fat… (drum roll please)… I came in at, 7.4%. That’s right, 7.4%!

I was over the moon with my last check-in being being under 10% body fat, but getting even lower to sub 8% is incredible, I never thought it would be possible for me – the kicker? Now I get to eat even more food 😀 haha and I love food!

I am not planning to get any lower than this now, and I may even increase the body fat slightly as I increase my calories to support my training goals, but as a physical accomplishment I am delighted. Here is what I have achieved over the past 12 weeks:

  • Overall Weight Loss = – 9.9kg
  • Waist = – 10.5cm
  • Hip = – 7cm
  • Body Fat = – 11%
  • Body Fat Mass = – 10.2kg
  • Muscle Mass  = + 0.3kg

Thanks so much to @James_Lambert_PT – He is my best friend so I am bias of course, but the results speak for themselves! Fantastic PT and even better friend, love ya buddy 😉

What a difference 12 weeks can make with proper guidance and some serious discipline…

So there it is, that’s the end of ‘patting myself on the back’!

Now back to my original topic… Listen to your body.

I woke up on Saturday feeling really tired, physically drained and just generally a bit under the weather. However I had a session booked in with James in the morning and we had planned to catch up over lunch after training, so I dragged myself out of bed and over to the gym.

Once I was up and training I felt OK, but when I got home I was completely exhausted and the rest of my day was a write off 😦 I should have listened to my body! I had over trained that week and my body was telling me.

It’s super important to pay attention to what your body is telling you, a lesson that I am starting to learn. Not least because my girlfriend (Nish) is constantly telling me to slow down, I should listen to her too…

I guess it is easy to get carried away (‘obsessed’ is possibly a better word…) when you have found a passion for training again and can see the results of all your hard work when you look in the mirror… however, rest is just as important as the training! I have promised myself (and my girlfriend) that I will listen to my body and schedule in some rest days, which I am sure will only improve my performance on my training days.

As a result, I didn’t train on Sunday and instead spent the day eating 😀 and did some active recovery by going for the first Autumn walk of the year with Nish, My brother, Ben and his girlfriend, Charlotte – Lovely it was too.


The rest of my week has been great, some really good sessions in the pool, a couple of weight sessions and a stint on the stationary bike. Overall, a great week of training so far and I am feeling lifted following today’s check-in – Looking forward to an enjoyable weekend, which will include some time for rest!

I will check back in again soon, happy training!.. and resting 😉


Insta: lukes_triing_times

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