Personal Best…

It’s been a few weeks since I posted an update and I am pleased to report that during that time, my knee pain has subsided and isn’t causing me any more problems (hopefully for good!) and more importantly… I ran the Leicester Half Marathon on Sunday 14th and absolutely smashed my personal best by 7 minutes! Coming in at 1:30:33. I am absolutely delighted, but obviously a little sour I didn’t sneak in sub 1:30, but never-mind, ay – on to the next one 🙂

The weather was the worst I have ever ran in, too, really miserable conditions. It rained (sometimes very heavily!) from start to finish with a cold wind to add to the misery. Perhaps that’s why I ran so fast! I was desperate to get back for a warm shower and my reward of pancakes from my favorite spot in Leicester, @eat.kai. Seriously, the thought of those pancakes made the hard miles worth while 😀

You can see the pain in my face in this picture on the final sprint, earning every second of that personal best!

Those that have read my previous posts will know I have been working hard on cutting excess weight and body far over the past 14 weeks or so. Thankfully that stage of my training program is finished for the time being and I have started the next 12 weeks plan to add some lean muscle. This means that I can eat a whole lot more, which makes me very happy! 😀

I am noticing the affect already in my energy levels, I feel much more energetic and my recovery time after each training session seems to be reduced, no doubt a result of the added calories and increased emphasis on stretching and foam rolling – I have been much more disciplined with this recently, but still room to improve…

The next event in my calendar is the Leicestershire 10k this coming weekend which I am looking forward to, but may have to miss due to car troubles… hopefully I can persuade someone to give me a lift… we will see!

In other news, my swimming is really improving and I look forward to every swim now 🙂 I am still having my lesson each week on a Tuesday, my instructor comments each week on the speed of my progress – I am hoping with another couple of months of coaching I will be in a great place ahead of the start of the triathlon season in the new year.

Right, I am off for a cuppa and biscuit (or two) now I have the calories! I will update again soon.

Happy training!


Insta: lukes_triing_times

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