Hello, 2019…Goodbye, 2018

Right, where to begin..?

I haven’t posted an update for around 3 months now and suffice it to say, a lot has happened! So first off, a Happy New Year to all!

The end of 2018 was very exciting for me, with lots going going on with my training and in my personal life, too. The biggest news of all… I got engaged! I proposed to my amazing, beautiful, caring and supportive superwoman, Nish 😀 and happily, she said, YES!

Nish and I then jetted off for 2 weeks of engagement honey moon in, Bali. It was a truly special trip. Not just because it marked a significant landmark in our lives together, but also because of the memories we made, experiences we shared and sights we viewed together. It really was incredible.

Naturally, since our return we have longed to get back to warmer climes but despite our longings, we had a lovely Christmas and New Year spend with close family and friends. We actually hosted boxing day, which was our first major hosted event since moving into our new home earlier in the year. I am happy to report the day went without hitch and we enjoyed some great food and drink surrounded by many of those we love most. It was a great way to cap off a special year.

So, returning focus to my triathlon journey for a moment, there have been some significant developments on this front, too. I have now booked my first event, which will be the East Leake sprint triathlon, taking place on March 31st! I am super excited to get stuck in and finally be able to call myself a triathlete (if only at fledgling stage).

My swimming has improved at such a rate that I am genuinely a little taken a back. When I got into the pool for my first coaching session back in late September last year, I struggled to complete a single 25m length… I had no idea that only a few months later I would be capable of swimming 2,000m in the pool and would have achieved a 400m personal best of 9:09.

The first time I swam 400m in a single session (pausing after each length to catch my breath!) it took me nearly 20 minutes. I am delighted to have more than halved this time and with March 31st in my sights, I hope to reduce this time further to break the 9 minute mark come race day.

What else is new? Well I have treated myself to some Christmas presents… A new bike (Boardman SLR 8.9) and some new running shoes (On, Cloudflow).

I am actually yet to get out on the new bike, but hope to have some time over the next few weekends to do so. I did test out the new shoes though and felt great running in them. I am looking forward to putting in some hard miles.

My training has stepped up a pace too, I am now doing at least 2 brick sessions a week, along with 3 strength sessions and 2-3 swims. Usually I do the brick sessions in the gym (not least because it is so cold out!), A 10 – 15 mile stint on the Watt bike followed by a pacey 2.5 – 5 km on the treadmill. I am feeling really strong running straight off the bike which gives me real confidence. I am planning to increase the distances over the course of January. See how I get on!

urmm, what else? I think that pretty much brings things up to date.

2018 was a fantastic year for me filled with competitive personal bests, significant personal milestones, and most importantly I suppose, good fortune and good health.

I am really excited for another terrific year in 2019 – As ever supported by my loving, patient and soon to be, wife 🙂

Wishing all a happy, successful and healthy, 2019.

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