Running Pains…

So my swimming is getting better, but I am still finding it difficult to master the breathing. Any tips you guys have, throw them at me πŸ˜€ any and all welcome!

My running (which is by far my strongest of the 3 disciplines) has taken a bit of a hit this week, which is super frustrating 😦 I am desperate to get out for a run, but since my 10k last weekend I have been suffering with knee pain in my right knee :/ so James (james_lambert_pt) has advised me not to run for the time being, and make my cardio up on the rowing machine, swimming, or bike. So, I am being good and taking his advice.

The Leicester Half is coming up in a little over 4 weeks, so resting the knee seems sensible as I know my CV fitness is already where it needs to be – again, anyone out there who suffers from knee pain after running, let me know if you have any hints or tips for avoiding it in the future – I run in Adidas Ultra Boost, maybe a new running trainer would help?

Anyways, I took yesterday as a complete rest day as I was feeling a bit depleted. I got the foam rollers out and had a good stretch. I have never known pain like it! If you know, then you know! haha, and I suspect any runners /Β triathletesΒ reading this will know that pain for sure!

I have spent years neglecting my stretching and not taking care of my muscles – I am paying the price now, but hopefully nothing getting disciplined with post training care can’t fix… I suspect my years of neglect have contributed to my knee pain. Hopefully keeping up the stretching and rolling will help that too.

I am back in the gym tonight for some weight training and a cardio blast on the rower, then swimming in the morning and out on the bike Sunday – but hopefully I can get to running soon…


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